Tailor made models

Amalgam Collection offer a unique bespoke model service. We will create for you a superbly and deeply detailed model replicating every aspect of your car’s specification. We will finish the model with the precise colour of the paint and the interior finishes.

Even the smallest details including for example the colour of the stitching on the seats, the license plates, the wheels, every visible aspect of your car will be perfectly reproduced on your model.

Our close relationship with the manufacturers allows us to access paint and other key options and specification data so that we can match everything to the exact specification of your car. We will in short create a model for you that is a perfect representation of the precious original in every detail.

Placed in your home or office it will be a wonderful attractive display and an ever present reminder of a much loved possession.

If you are interested in purchasing a bespoke model, please contact us.

Tailor made lighting

Amalgam Collections are proud to offer this exciting new addition to our World-class fine model cars. As a Tailor Made extra, our models can be adapted to include our unique full interior and exterior lighting option. This beautiful system adds both style and exclusivity to your model and has been carefully developed to capture the essence and feel of the stunning original.

The illumination of such fine model cars requires passion, imagination, and many hours of skilled work to achieve the desired subtlety and complexity. You always have to keep in mind that nothing is impossible.

For example, the Aston Martin Vanquish has a lighting package which contains an 8-Bit microprocessor combined with a specially developed electrical system. The light-effects are controlled by software written specifically for this model, to make it look as similar as possible to the real car.

The flexibility of the microchip allows us to create an infinite number of possibilities for the individualization of each model. Our unique lighting package can be added to almost all of our 1:8 scale models.

Price for all Tailor Made models on application. For more information please contact our Sales Team.